Prices at CIREN are officials and can not be changed.

The Program of Neurologic Restoration CIREN offers to patients, is conformed into 2 packages:

  1. Evaluation: in which the pathology is valued and thus the treatment is designed. This first period lasts one week and the price for the patient amounts to 3,616.00 CUC.
  2. Personalized treatment: offered in 4-week cycles, from Monday to Friday and half-day Saturday.

Ordinary prices


7,400.00 CUC for each 4 week cycles

Patient companion: 54.00 CUC Diarios (1,512.00 CUC for each 4 week cycles)

Preferencial prices,


 6,700.00 CUC for each 4 week cycles

Patient companion: 43.00 CUC Diarios (1,204 CUC for each 4 week cycles)

In the evaluation week and in every 4 week cycles, the food and lodging for the patient are included.

The companion is obligatory during evaluation week and in treatment cycles, and the additional payment covers hospital food and lodging, in the patient’s double same room.


Payment Methods

Payments at CIREN must always be paid advance, in Cuban Convertible Pesos (CUC) through:

CASH: You must make immediate changes to such currency when arriving at havana Airport, as CIREN can only collecting Cuban Convertible Pesos (CUC).

CREDIT CARDS (TC): VISA and Master Card, whose from are not deposited in North american Banks, or/with North american interests, as they do not operate from Cuba. This issue must be verified with your bank before traveling with TC.

BANK TRANSFERENCE: Can be used whenever the deposit is performed with the adequate timing, and the credit is confirmed at CIREN’s account before traveling. Facturation can only be performed through this final accreditation and not by the deposited amount, North american dollars are not to be used, but you can use others strong currency, preferably euros, Our bank data are the following:
Account No. 03 0000000 2671625, Centro Internacional de Restauración Neurológica (CIREN), Calle 5ta y 92, Municipio Playa, Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba. Banco Financiero Internacional “BFI”. Code SWIFT: BFICCUHH. (Specify in behalf of: Name of patient). One deposit is performed, send the voucher to CIREN immediately, via Whatsapp (1-829-894-1828) or Email


In Cuba, CUC (Cuban Convertible Pesos) is the only circulating currency has been revalored at present in relation to the North american dollar in an 18%; and in relation to other internacional currencies in a 8%, plus a 3% of bank tax to all other currencies. For your best convenience, we suggest for you to bring other international currency as Euros, Canadian Dollars, Sterling Silver, Swiss Frantes or Mexican Pesos. When you wish to return to your Country, you can convert them in any Cuban Bank Unit, Exchange Office or at the Airport as the non-utilized Cuban Convertible Pesos (CUC) can be changed by the international currency in accordance with the date’s change.


– The patient requieres of a carer that stays lodged at the institution. The visits of other family and friends, must be in keeping with the schedule from 19:00 to 21:00 hours from Monday to Friday and Saturday after 15:30; Sunday from 09:00 hours up to 21:00 hours.

– We suggest you count with additional financial resources to pay for other possible expenses, as the case may be, of complementary surgeries, ortheses, medications and other medical services that could be of interest, so much for the patient as carer; as well as the telephone, fax, safety box, changes of date of air tickets, taxis or general buys, among other optional expenses as in all the cases: visa updating, tax for leaving.


– To obtain the visa issued for 30 days, to be expended in Cuba.
– If you use a wheelchair, you should bring it, as well as recent studies and medications in use.
– If you wish, you can use our Special Nursing Service with a highly qualified personnel, with a price amounting to 120.00 CUC for 24 continuous hours of service, or 50.00 CUC for 12 hours or less.
– A week before traveling, you must inform us, flight number, date and exact hour of arriving at Havana Airport, to confirm your reservation and to guarantee your reception at the Airport and transfer to CIREN.