CIREN prices are official and cannot be changed. The Neurological Restoration Program offered by CIREN to tributary patients is made up of two packages:

Evaluation: The pathology is evaluated and the treatment is designed. This first period lasts one week.
Personalized treatment: It is offered in cycles of 4 weeks each, from Monday to Friday and noon on Saturday.
Evaluation and Diagnosis Week (7 days)

Regular Rate: $ 3,994.00 USD
For patients from Latin America and other Third World countries: $ 3,917.00 USD

Package includes:
Highly specialized neurological and clinical medical care
(consultations, study evaluation)
– Clinical exams
– Neurological exams
– Neuropsychological tests
– Comprehensive psychomotor exam (LEIS)
– Clinical laboratory tests
– Electrophysiological studies
– Personalized design of the therapeutic program
Hospitalization and feeding of the patient for 7 days
Food and accommodation for a companion.

Cycle of Multifactorial and Intensive Neuro-restorative Treatment for a period of 28 days

Regular Rate: $ 8,912.00 USD
For patients from Latin America and other Third World countries: $ 7,904.00 USD

Package includes:

1) Neuro-restorative medical treatment
Specialized medical care
Intensive neuro-rehabilitation
Defectology (occupational therapy)
Speech therapy
Application of biophysical stimulation techniques
2) Hospitalization and feeding of the patient for 28 days.
Includes food and accommodation for a companion.

Both in the price of the Evaluation Week, as in that of the treatment cycles, hospital meals and patient accommodation are included. The companion is mandatory during the Evaluation Week, as in the treatment cycles, and its payment covers hospital meals and accommodation, in the same double room as the patient.

For companions, CIREN has a series of additional options that contribute to achieving a better stay for them, some of them are:

  • – REBIOGER quality of life program
  • – Free exercise program with the advice of a specialist
  • – Basic clinical check-up
  • – Stomatology care
  • – Massages and cosmetology
  • – Sleep studies


Payments at CIREN must always be made in advance by the following means:

1. Bank transfer: provided that the deposit is made at least 10 days in advance and the credit is confirmed in the CIREN account before traveling.

Bank deposits must be made in any international currency EXCEPT USD.

Our bank details are as follows:

Account No: 03 0000000 2671625, International Center for Neurological Restoration (CIREN), Calle 5ta y 92, Playa Municipality, Havana, Cuba. Banco Financiero Internacional “BFI”.

SWIFT code: BFICCUHH. (Specify, in favor of: the patient’s name). Once the deposit has been made, immediately send the voucher to CIREN, to the email (

You can also pay by:

2. Credit Cards (ON-LINE) (USD, EURO, CAD or other international currency)



The Government of Cuba agreed to establish that all travelers, foreigners and Cubans residing abroad, who enter the country as of May 1, 2010, have a travel insurance policy with coverage of medical expenses.
The policy must be acquired at the point of origin.


-We suggest that you have additional financial resources to cover other possible expenses, depending on the case, such as: complementary surgeries, orthoses, medications and other medical services that may be of interest to both the patient and the companion, as well as telephone, Safety Box, date changes for air tickets, taxis or general purchases, among other options, and in all cases: updating the visa.


– Manage an expedited visa for 30 days, extendable in Cuba.

– If you use a wheelchair, you must bring it, as well as recent studies and medications to use.

– If you wish, you can use our highly qualified Special Nursing Services, which cost 120.00 USD for 24 continuous hours of service or 50.00 USD for 12 hours or less.

– One week before traveling, you must inform us of the flight number, the exact date and time of arrival at the Havana airport, to confirm your reservation and guarantee the reception at the mentioned airport and the transfer to CIREN.