CIREN counts with a high-tech equipment to guarantee the diagnosis and west quality Teamwork evaluation, which includes Functional Magnetic Resonance (1.5 T), double-head Gamma Camera, Computerized Axial Tomography, ultra-sonography, echocardiography and hemodynamic diagnoses by Doppler ultra-sonography; also offered are electrophysiological sophisticated equipment, clinical lab, immunology, biochemistry, morphological techniques and systems completely designed in our country for the surgical Planning registering of the deep electrical brain activity, automated data, motor and cognitive evaluation.

Gym for Adults

  1. Physiotherapy area
    -Department for Hydrotherapy (gait tank)
    -Departament of Electrotherapy
  2. General conditioning area (equipped for strength development)
  3. Mobilization and massage area
  4. Complex for functional training
  5. Complex for Neuropsychology, Speech Therapy, Defectology (Occupational Therapy) attention
  6. Department of Holistic Medicine
  7. Area for Ozonotherapy treatment for children and adults
  8. Area for Nursing attention
  9. Regular clay-track
  10. Irregular track with variations of ground textures
  11. Varied-textured tracks for gait education
  12. Site for virtual reality on hand rehabilitation
  13. Hydrotherapy

Children Gym

  1. Pediatric physical rehabilitation area
  2. Pediatric defectology (Occupational Therapy) area
  3. Pediatric Speech Therapy area
  4. Neuropsychology area
  5. Holistic Medicine area
  6. Area for Hydrotherapy