The excellence of our Center is due, among other factors, to the quality of the Rehabilitation Service, whose staff work with each patient for 7 daily hours. The work of this service is based on principles developed at our institution on INTENSIVE, MULTIFACTORIAL NEUROREHABILITATION. This rehabilitation is based on an Integral Psychomotor Evaluation, which combines in a complete, systematized, intense and adequately dosified treatment with different techniques and therapeutic procedures to be achieved in the least minimum time, for a greater recovery of lost capacities that correspond to the level of affectation and evolution time of the disease or trauma.

Among techniques and procedures used are:

  • Physical neurorehabilitation.
  • Neurorehabilitation (occupational therapy)
  • Neurorehabilitation (phonoaudiology)
  • Neuropsychology
  • Biophysical stimulation
  • Holistic Medicine


It is composed of the following tests:

  1. Integral system of motor analysis
  2. Anthropometric tests
  3. Goniometric measurements
  4. General and special dynamometry controls
  5. Psychometric tests
  6. Psychopedagogic Tests
  7. Functional Muscular Tests
  8. Self-validism tests
  9. Stability tests and dynamics of equilibrium
  10. Postural and equilibrium controls
  11. Logophoniatric tests

Physical Neurorehabilitation:

This neurehabilitation aims at increasing the patients’ physical rendering and reeducation of motor abilities, the improvement of body posture and the positive influence on personality traits.

Defectologic Neuro-rehabilitation:

Its aims are to work on multiple deviations in order to stimulate, correct and compensate disorders in the intellectual, psychomotor and orientation spheres in relation to the patients’age to form and develop habits and skills necessary for the development of self-validism and its integration to social work.

Logopedic Neuro-rehabilitation:

Its work is aimed to the compensation or total elimination of speech disorders, an issue to be achieved through a systematic, structured and organized logophoniatric neurorehabilitation treatment which corresponds to the symptomatology of the disorder and characteristics of each patient.


It is composed of different physical procedures and stimulation techniques, as:

  1. Electrostimulation
  2. Ultrasound
  3. Infrared rays
  4. Ultraviolet rays
  5. Paraffin
  6. Radiothermia
  7. Hydrotherapy
  8. Massotherapy
  9. Lasertheraphy
  10. Magnetotheraphy
  11. Ozonotherapy