It is a therapeutic strategy that combines pharmacological, surgical and neurorehabilitating methods, based on properties of recovery of the Nervous System. It allows to compensate existing alterations and to stimulate the structural and functional restoring of the injured nervous activity.

Its universe of application referes to those patients affected with invalidating diseases of the Nervous System. Though a previous patient’s attention request by electronic mail ( , or by fax (537) 273 2420. CIREN’s Medical Scientific Group approves those patients that would be admitted as participants of this program. This program has 2 stages or phases:

A first evaluation stage, up to 7 days. A whole neurological and clinical evaluation is performed where the degree andtype of affectation is thoroughly defined by offering a diagnosis that allows to conclude what therapeutic possibilities to use. The potentiality of recovery is determined and the personalized traement is thus designed to be proposed to the patient and carer.

The second stage is the putting the therapeutic program into practice specially conceived for each patient based on the results of the evaluation and with a minimum duration of 28 days.

For its therapeutic stages, the Program is developed into 4-week cycles (28days), each one with own objectives for recovery, through the application of the intensive, multidisciplinary treatment of neurologic rehabilitation, up to 7-daily hours, under the direction of a neurologist. This program is conducted in one out of the four specialized clinics in relation to the case’s pathology. Would it be necessary, the option of surgical approach could be thus added.

In both phases, a highly specialized professional team, including neurologists, neurosurgeons, clinicians, pediatricians, geriatrists, neurophychologists, specialists in physical neuro-rehabilitation, occupational therapists and logophonetricians and neurologic nursing, among others, all promoted through a rigurous academic selection.
The Program offers economic tariffs as to the exclusivity and excellency of the medical service that is being offered.


In a general way, the evaluation period of the Neurologic restoration Program includes severall tests that are indicated according to the individual clinical status of each patient, as follows:

Integral Neurophysiology

  • Evoked Potentials
  • Motor Potentials
  • Electromyograms
  • Studies of nervous conduction
  • Electroencephalograms


  • Magnetic Resonance
  • Axial Tomography
  • Brain SPECT
  • Simple X-R of articulations
  • Thorax X-R

Clinical Lab

  • Hemacytometry
  • Hemochemical
  • Hormone studies

Central and Peripheric Neuroimmunology
Specialized Bio-Chemistry
Pathologic Anatomy
Motor Instrumental Evaluation
Pharmacologic Tests
Automated Nutricional Evaluation

The specialized Clinics of the Program are:

  • Clinic of Movement Disorders and Neurodegenerations
  • Clinic of Rachimedullar lesions, Neuromuscular Diseases and Multiple Sclerosis
  • Clinic of Static Encephalic Lesions
  • Clinic of Neurology for Childrens