About 100 patients with disorders and spinal cord sequels, that is, the so-called rachimedullar injuries are mainly caused by automobile accidents, immersion in shallow waters with cervical trauma as result falls and shots are among the most frequent one. The Center also receives patients with sepsis sequels or infection of the nervous system, alterations due to tumoral lesions that have been totally eradicated through surgery, posterior lesions or other type of surgeries, or myelopathies as a degenerative, toxic, demyelinating or nutritional disease. A no less important group of patients with neuromuscular disorders, neuropathies and muscular dystrophies are also received at our Center. Besides, it also dedicates itself to demyelinating diseases among them –Multiple Sclerosis specially.

CIREN’s medical- scientific group have a wide expertise and are highly specialized in the study and treatment of these diseases and sequels –all conducted within a multidisciplinary management- composed of specialists in Neurology, Internal Medicine, Speech Therapy, Physical Rehabilitation or kinesiology and neuropsychology. The Clinic also has possibilities of evaluating and offering Urology Treatment, techniques in Traditional Medicine, Neurosurgery and Biophysics Stimulation. All professionals are under the guidance of an specialist in Neurology. A week of evaluation, that permits confirming diagnosis, identification of deteriorating signs and disorders as well as other diseases that could interfere with the patient’s rehab and health. This would be the first week of the General Program of Neurologic Restoration: informing the patient of the results of his/her diagnosis and prognosis available; besides offering adequate pharmacological and neurorestorative treatment conducted in 28-day cycles. For Restoration Program is applied to the patient in an intensive way permitting to obtain important achievements in his/her recovery – in spite of serious neurologic affectations.

This is one most requested CIREN’s Clinics by patients of several countries that come to benefic themselves of the Clinic’s experienced services seeking for greater independence in daily life activities and improvement in their quality of life.

Our present infrastructure includes 30 double-rooms with independent baths – prepared to respond to the necessities required by this type of patients, distributed in 3 wards at CIREN’s Clinical Area.


  • Paraplegias and quadriplegias caused by traumatic lesions of the spinal cord
  • Sequels of vascular lesions (infarcts and hemorhages) of the spinal cord (myelomacy or hematomyelia)
  • Transverse myelitis (nonimmune myelopathies or post-infections and vaccinal ones)
  • Nutritional myelopathies
  • Sequels of medullar tumors
  • Multiple Sclerosis and other demyelinating diseases
  • Nutritional polyneuropathies, diabetic and demyelinating ones
  • Myopathies or muscular diseases (muscular deptrophies and spinal atrophies)
  • Secondary spastic paraparesia to infections (Tropical by HTVL1 and HTLV2)
  • Hereditary spastic paraparesia
  • Sequels of Medullar lesions to Syringomelias and Spondolitic Myelopathies.


  • Intensive and personalized integral physical rehab, conducted for 7-daily hours with a designed program within the Neurologic Restoration Program in accordance to the neurologic disease and its alterations, where multifactorial attention is conducted by means of physical rehab methodos speech therapy, neuropsychology and application of physical agents (laser, magnetic fields, electrostimulation and hydrotherapy)
  • Treatment of spasticity, with state-of-the-art pharmacological and physiatric methods
  • Treatment of neuropathic pain with Traditional Medicine methods, rehab and drugs.
  • Treatment of non autonomic disorders (orthostatic hypotension, hyperhidrosis)
  • Readaptation of the vesical function
  • Modulation of the rectal dynamies
  • Treatment of ulcers by pressure, only present during treatment (with drugs, laser therapy, magneto-therapy or surgical procedures)
  • Evaluation and treatment of associated nutritional disorders
  • Application of Ozono-therapy and antioxidant medications
  • Psychotherapeutic and Psychopathologic treatment
  • Holistic Medicine (Acupuncture, digito-puncture massages and other techniques)